Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Personalized Gifts

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Remember that macaroni necklace you gave her in third grade and how much she loved it? Do you wish Mother’s Day gifts were still that simple? Well, they are! We all know that, when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. And, nothing screams […]

Spring 2021 Jewelry Trends

                                                                                Spring 2021 Jewelry Trends           The jewelry trends for Spring […]

Personalized End of Year Teacher Gifts

End of Year Teacher Gifts And just like that, another school year comes to an inevitable end.  If your teacher meant a lot to you and taught you important lessons that you value and will never forget, one kindness you can offer in return is an end of the year […]

engraved name plate teacher gift

treat her - 5 ways to treat her right

Appreciate Her – 5 Ways To Treat Her Right

Showing the woman you love how much you appreciate and value her is easy.  You just have to know how to treat her right.  Here are five simple and effective ways to easily show your woman how much she means to you. Help Her – Some people may find this […]

What Is Prom–Do I need to Bring a Gift?

If you’ve heard the word before, but find yourself asking what is prom, then you’ve clicked on the right article, because we’re going to explain it for you. Prom is short for the word promenade and is essentially a semi-formal dance for high school students.  Typically the prom is held for […]

What is prom

custom symbols unique engravings

Custom Symbols for a Valuable Personalization 2

Custom Symbols offer a unique way to personalize just about anything you can think of!  They look fab on tee-shirts, home decor art, technology, jewelry, and lots more! Jewelry has been one of the most popular ways to showcase custom symbols for hundreds of years.  At Thoughtful Impressions, we love […]

Marriage Gifts for Your Forever Love

Marriage is a beautiful union that cements the love and appreciation you have for your partner.  Whether you’ve been married for 1 month or 5o years, a healthy marriage benefits from attention and communication.  Check out our quick list of marriage gifts below to show your forever love how much […]

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wanderlust inspired gifts

Wanderlust Customized Jewelry and Gifts!

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel. If you’ve got the travel itch and you need some help scratching it, look to the customized jewelry and gifts from Thoughtful Impressions to tide you over! Our team of engravers has partnered up with our team of designers to create some remarkable products […]

New Customized Jewelry from Thoughtful Impressions!

Thoughtful Impressions has been leaving last impressions with people around the world for years!  And, each year, we add new engravable products to our jewelry collections that add charm, beauty, fun, and originality to our engraving shop.  2019 has been an exciting time for us already; we’ve explored some new looks […]

new customized jewelry from thoughtful impressions

fun sayings for engraved things

Fun Ideas for All Sorts of Engraved Things!

Looking for a unique gift that’s fun and stands out amongst all the corporate options!?  You need to find some engraved things from Thoughtful Impressions that are charming and one-of-a-kind in a way that says hilarious and adorable! Listed below you’ll find a bunch of engraving ideas followed by many […]