Top 5 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already February 2016 and Valentine’s day is right around the corner.  If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one (or yourself), we put together our top five gift ideas which we’re hoping will inspire you.  Place your orders for Valentine’s […]

top 5 gift ideas for valentine's day

Christmas Personalized KeyChain

Last minute Gifts under $50

Here we are. Exactly 5 days from Christmas and there are still a few people who have evaded your carefully planned gift list. You may not be seeing them Christmas day, but you need to show your loved one they’re on your mind this holiday season. Don’t stress! You can […]

Personalized Bracelets: The gift for all Occasions

  There are few jewelry items packed with so much meaning as a personalized bracelet. They can show the bond between friends, family, or lovers. Bracelets don’t have the pressure of a fancy necklace or diamond ring. They make the perfect relaxed gift that can still have deep meaning. Why […]

Personalized Rings: Top 3 Things You Need to Know

  Your Perfect Personalized Ring Rings are an accessory. They aren’t complicated and don’t require much effort. But there are 3 things you need to consider when picking the perfect ring! Style Gemstone Make a statement. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a ring sporting your birthstone, dazzle any day […]

Choosing the Perfect Personalized Locket

Personalized Lockets – A gift from the Heart   Few gifts are as meaningful as a personalized locket. Personalized lockets allow your loved one to keep both your photo and your special message close to her heart. Having a locket engraved shows your loved one that you put thought and […]

Personalized Engraved Lockets

Personalized Earrings

Personalized Earrings to match every style and face shape!

Ring in the new seasons with Earrings Looking for the right accessory to compliment any look?  Why not go with a pair of personalized earrings. Thoughtful Impressions carries a variety of earring styles, many of which can be personalized with your own custom engraving.  The most popular engraving for a pair […]

Personalized Name Plates: Personalize Your DIY’s

Obsessed with DIY projects? So are we! Whether you just want to be creative or get organized, personalizing your projects let you personalize your life. I love the kitchy / homey trend; but every time I complete a project with something like chalkboard paint, I wonder how long the trend […]

Garden Memorial

Personalized Wedding Rings

Personalized Rings: Why Promise Rings are for High School

…and Why I Have One Anyways Suspicious Beginnings More often than not, promise rings make no sense. Majority of the couples exchanging them don’t actually realize what they’re promising – and most definitely don’t end up keeping them. The poor schmuck giving it probably was being pressured by his Kardashian following lady friend […]

Get The Look: Relaxed Summer with Fashion Necklaces

We are just CRAZY about Jen and our Nautical Fashion Necklace I may have been a  little biased for my get the look pick. I love Jennifer Aniston. She is an independent strong female with a great acting career behind and ahead of her. She also has a style that’s […]

Fashion Necklace Relaxed Summer Get the Look


Designer Spotlight: Special Occasion Jewelry!

Special Occasions come in many shapes and sizes. Usually we think nice tie, panty-hose, or a beautiful piece of jewelry we save for a really nice event. Deborah Birdoes brings a new designer line of sterling silver special occasion jewelry for women to Thoughtful Impressions. If you’re looking for special […]