Wanderlust Customized Jewelry and Gifts!

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel. If you’ve got the travel itch and you need some help scratching it, look to the customized jewelry and gifts from Thoughtful Impressions to tide you over! Our team of engravers has partnered up with our team of designers to create some remarkable products […]

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New Customized Jewelry from Thoughtful Impressions!

Thoughtful Impressions has been leaving last impressions with people around the world for years!  And, each year, we add new engravable products to our jewelry collections that add charm, beauty, fun, and originality to our engraving shop.  2019 has been an exciting time for us already; we’ve explored some new looks […]

Fun Ideas for All Sorts of Engraved Things!

Looking for a unique gift that’s fun and stands out amongst all the corporate options!?  You need to find some engraved things from Thoughtful Impressions that are charming and one-of-a-kind in a way that says hilarious and adorable! Listed below you’ll find a bunch of engraving ideas followed by many […]

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Here’s Where to Find Coupons For Romantic Gifts!

If you’re a hopeless romantic or you’re the type that likes to buy romantic gifts when the appropriate holiday arrives, and like many,  you love a good deal; you need to know where to find them!  Keep reading below for sites that offer coupons for gifts including personalized jewelry, home […]

6 Long Distance Valentines Day Gifts!

A long distance Valentines Day may not seem like the happiest of days for a lot of couples, but there are many ways for you to abate the distance and make it feel like your partner is closer to you than ever before.  Well-thought-out Valentine’s Day gifts help to show that you […]

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5 Romantic Ideas for Wife — A Valentine’s Day to Remember!

Valentine’s Day is one of the best holiday opportunities to show your wife how romantic you can be and to express to her how very much you love her! If romance isn’t necessarily your forte, that’s okay, that’s what we’re here for! Below are 5 romantic ideas for your wife […]

Mindfulness, Living with Intent, and Jewelry to Guide You!

The year is 2019, the population is expanding at an exponential rate, families are growing and so are the stress-levels added to everyone in order to maintain a career, make enough money to support yourself, get to work on time, pay all your bills, feel safe in your own home, […]

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10 Long Distance Relationship Gifts To Keep You Close!

The internet has helped people to find love all over the world.  Online dating sites, social media platforms, and more have helped to open the gates for finding love both near and far.  However, for many, this means you rarely get to spend quality time with your love in person.  […]

Experience Gifts – What She Really Wants for Christmas!

Millennial women are looking for adventure, they want to get outside of their homes, meet-up, explore, see things, try new things, and live their lives to the fullest.  This is why experience gifts are what she really wants for Christmas.  Think Air BnB’s, think personalized luggage tags, think airline tickets and […]

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9 Signs A Guy Likes You More than a Friend!

Do you feel like you’re getting mixed signals or do you think perhaps you’re doing what you always do and are over-analyzing a situation too much and need to just relax about it?  If a guy likes you, you should be able to tell without wonder, right?  Well, not always.  […]