Enter Our Holiday Contest for a Chance to Win Personalized Jewelry!

And just like that, 2018 will soon be coming to an end.  It’s been a great year filled with lots of ups and downs.  At Thoughtful Impressions, we’ve gained a lot of new products that we’re proud to be able to provide all of our customers with. To end the year […]

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Personalized Christmas Gifts for $30 or Less!

For some of us, Christmas is the best time of the year. For others, Christmas is the time of year we loathe more than any other! Regardless of how it makes you feel, you’re probably still going to need to purchase some gifts.  Here are 10 awesome personalized Christmas gifts […]

First Impressions Work Holiday Party Etiquette for Newbs!

If you’re fairly new to your job and or the workforce, then you’ll definitely want to make solid first impressions with your boss(es) and their family, plus your co-workers and their families!  If you’ve never been to an office holiday party before, this article offers you a sneak peek as to […]

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Mix and Match – Tattoos and Mens Bracelets

This week, we’re focusing on two things we happen to know lots of men like — tattoos and men’s bracelets!  Men like to mix and match their looks so they don’t have a closet full of clothes, yet they still keep their style looking fresh each time they go out. Here’s our […]

10 Christmas List Ideas for Millennials!

  Here are 12 Christmas list ideas for all the millennials out there!  If you celebrate Christmas, you know how much of a challenge it can be each year to come up with a great gift.   Check out our collection of Christmas list ideas below for some much needed holiday shopping […]

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50 wedding ring engraving ideas

50 Unique & Romantic Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas!

To Celebrate your Forever Love, you’ll want your wedding rings to be engraved to express how much your love means to one another – now and forever!  Read below for 50 meaningful, unique and funny wedding ring engraving ideas!  And remember, you can order your custom engraved wedding rings with […]

Short and Sweet 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

  Guess What? The Holidays Are Coming!! The holiday season is approaching fast!  Don’t fall victim to last-minute shopping price increases, shortages, and shipping challenges.  With our 2018 holiday gift guide – you can begin planning and shopping for your best holiday gifting year yet!           […]

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Bulk Order Discounts for Unforgettable Fall Weddings!

To make the best of Fall weddings for everyone – Thoughtful Impressions – is stepping in with some help – by offering bulk discounts on all of our personalized jewelry and gift collections present in our beautiful online shop. And…who doesn’t love Fall?  The gorgeous collection of vibrant orange-red and yellow […]

10 Impressive Gift Ideas for the Millennial Woman

A millennial woman was born between the twenty years spanning from 1981-2001.  A millennial woman is typically open-minded. She’s a working woman.  She understands that if she doesn’t want to have children, there’s no reason that she should. If she has a question, guess what, nine times out of ten, […]

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Present Ideas Sure To Make You The Center Of Attention!

  Got an event to attend and need to bring a gift that’ll knock everyone’s socks off?  We can help!  At Thoughtful Impressions, we’ve put together a rather helpful list of present ideas that’ll make you the star of the show! Super Soft Cuddly Robe – the reason this gift […]