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A Customer's Story

A Customer's Story

Apr 26th 2024

by Neal VanderWaal

VanderWaal Wedding Photo 1956

     August 19, 1956 was a warm, summer day. That was the day a boy and a girl, both aged nineteen, chose to stand before their friends and family, and promised to “love and cherish until death do us part.” Those words, read to them by the bride’s Uncle Edwin, the minister, and repeated by the couple, started a very special journey. Since that August day when our family began, it has grown to become fifty-five extra-ordinary people. Each is unique and loved unconditionally, but it can be difficult keeping track of each one. Some live in Maine, some in Oregon, some in Tennessee, and many in Michigan.

    On that day, the first day of our family, we decided to always make “Family First.” We have been blessed through the years as each child was born, and it gave us great pleasure watching them grow and mature. Life was good, but then the dreaded word ‘cancer’ entered our family and claimed the life of a beautiful daughter. We pulled together and mourned our loss, encircled by our love for each other.

    Recently the “C” word entered our family again, this time with me in the form of prostate cancer which has metastasized to my bones. Life quickly changed, and the things I used to love to do are now outside my reach and ability. Riding my bike was one of those pleasures that I had to give up. When I sold my bike, one of my sons suggested I do something meaningful with the money, rather than simply use it for groceries or gas.

    Immediately, I knew what we were going to do. Each family member would have a personalized keychain to carry with them wherever they were, and it would display a link to a website filled with family pictures. That way, the entire family could be with them at all times.

Family First Keytags

    After a lot of searching, I finally found the team at Thoughtful Impressions. They designed the perfect keychain for us. Each is beautifully engraved with words and a picture, and each family member also has his/her name engraved. On the back of each keychain is a QR code for access to our private website. Inside the website there are pictures tracing the time from the beginning of our family to the present, and a bulletin board where anyone can post pictures or information. When they do, the rest of the family gets notified. This is our method of keeping together, in spirit if not in person.

    We are just an ordinary family comprised of ordinary people, bound together by our extra-ordinary love for each other. It all started on that warm August day where Patty and I stood before our friends and family and pledged to love each other forever, and to always make “Family First.” Now, thanks to Thoughtful Impressions, our keychains will serve as a daily reminder of that ongoing commitment.