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Say I Love You – Why, When, How?

Say I Love You – Why, When, How?

Feb 18th 2022

by Lori Torman

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Say I LOVE YOU – It’s Time!

Uttering those three special words is no easy task. To say I love you means you’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable. It means you’re opening your heart and your life to another. It’s normal and completely understandable to be nervous. If you think you’re in love with another person, should you say I love you to them? Or, should you wait for them to say it first? What if they don’t say it back to you? What if you’re in the “friend zone” and you’ve decided its time to try for a romantic relationship? But, what if your feelings are completely reciprocated and they’ve been trying to work up the courage to tell you they love you this whole time?

Should you say I love you?

For Starters, It’s a good idea to Assess Your Relationship

To begin, you should assess your current situation; do your best to think logically about it. One of the best ways to do this is to ask an outside source what they think of your relationship. You should ask someone that you aren’t all that close with because those people have less bias and a tendency to be more honest and the truth is exactly what you need to hear. If you’ve both committed to dating only each other and your feelings have blossomed into love, then you should say so.

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Are you Sure it’s Love?

But first, take some time to really consult your feelings and thoughts. Do you really love this person or is it lust? Are you in love with their looks and not their personality? Are you in love with them, or have you grown to be dependent on them? Can you imagine spending the rest of your day’s side by side with this person or do you only like spending time with them here and there on the weekends? Do you love this person or do you love the way this person makes you feel about yourself? If this person were to lose their job or be hospitalized, would you stick by their side?

Love Loss or Love Gained?

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If you confess your feelings, will it be a love loss or a love gain? What if your confession scares your love interest away and it hurts your friendship? If you truly do love this person, then even if they’re your friend, its necessary to say how you feel. It’s best, to be honest, and lay your cards on the table for them to see so they know exactly where you both stand. What if they return your feelings? You gain a life of bliss with the person you care most about. If you they don’t return your feelings, it’s going to sting for some time, but when you’re ready, you’ll be open to falling in love with an amazing person.

How To Say I love you

If you’ve decided it’s time to confess your feelings, then you’ll likely want to find a special way to do it. Depending on your likes and dislikes, hobbies and favorite places to hang out — you can put a plan in place to reveal your emotions in a meaningful way. Personalized jewelry makes the perfect gift to reveal your feelings with. You can have the words I love you engraved directly onto a custom necklace, a bracelet or even a ring. This way, if your courage waivers and you can’t seem to bring yourself to physically say the words, the jewelry can do the talking for you.

Find a way to express your feelings that works for your personality and lifestyle. If your love interests’ favorite past time is cooking, put on an apron, push your sleeves up and write out I love you in the food you’re cooking. Get creative!

custom engraved i love you bangle bracelets

The Outcome

Depending on the outcome of your love confession, you’ll either find yourself in a blissful, amazing relationship with your heart’s desire, or you could be needing to find a new direction to follow that doesn’t include your crush. Either way, your life is and has always been what you make of it, so make it amazing!