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Pocket Watches Till the End of Time

Pocket Watches Till the End of Time

Mar 1st 2022

by Lori Torman

teacher with engravable pocket watch

Pocket watches are an easy gadget and or accessory to fall in love with. They’re great gifts for guys and well, if you’re looking to get yourself an item you’ll truly enjoy; a pocket watch will likely bring you the small piece of joy you’re looking for.

A pocket watch is special because it holds a certain antiquated charm to it as pocket watches have been crafted and carried since the early 1500’s and were first carried in the historically rich countries of Italy and Germany.

Pocket watches,since their inception in the early 16th century, became an integral part of male fashion and to many men these days, they still are. The great thing about pocket watches is that besides the obvious benefit of telling time, that they have character. They can be shaped in lots of ways. From ovals to circles, to hearts, to squares and rectangles, the list of shapes available is extensive and the personalization options are incredible.

Some pocket watches come with intricate details etched or molded onto their cases, while others are plain as non-buttered white bread. At Thoughtful Impressions, we sell a number of handsomely styled pocket watches that come with open space on both their front and back cases which we can custom engrave. Needle etched monograms and endearing messages are some of our most popular engraving choices amongst our customers. We also find that it’s become rather trendy to have latitude and longitude coordinates which represent a place held near and dear to a person’s heart directly onto the metal case.

engravable pocket watch

Pocket watches come with lots of chain options. The most common is a metal chain that hooks one end to the watch and the other to a person’s jacket or pants pocket.

Shop our amazing inventory of pocket watches today to find yourself a timeless piece of jewelry that can be treated as an heirloom gift to be passes down to future generations to come for as long as the watch shall live.