Engravings with Spiritual Undertones

trust and pray engraved gifts


What we seek is nothing compared to what is inside of us already. Glory is already with us beginning from our first breath of inception onto this beautiful earthen paradise which we are so very lucky to call home.

At Thoughtful Impressions, we take pride in our artistry and the quality of our engravings. We also stop and take the time to appreciate their meanings.  Many of our engravings have spiritual undertones. Some are formed with more religious rootings, while others focus on the lack of religion, yet still the persistence of natural guuidance, love and compassion through nature and God.    engraved church symbol

We have created symbols to assist with your spiritual engravings such as crosses, angels, the Christian fish, an om, the tree of life, praying hands, guardian angels and more. If you have your own unique spiritual graphic you wish to have engraved onto a product we offer, feel free to email it to our graphics department at logo@thoghtfulimpressions.com and they will be sure to review it and offer any recommendations for its best engraving.

engraved angel with halo symbol

Some of our favorite engravings of the past are typically quite simplistic in their nature, but their meaning is always sure to be fully felt. “But first, pray” is a popular choice for some of our small charm bracelet engravings.  “Trust in God for all things” looks lovely engraved onto a variety of our dog tag pendants. The serenity prayer is an excellent choice for people who are going through a tough time and need a bit of extra support when working on their sobriety.

For our yogis out there, some of our favorite engravings pair the word namaste with our beautiful Om symbol.  Or great choices are Buddhist quotes paired with natural earthen symbols such as a lotus flower or tree of life symbols onto an eco-friendly hemp bracelet.   hemp id bracelet for kids tree of life symbol

We encourage spiritual inspirations to fill the engraving space of the products we offer, as we know that often times they truly make the largest, most positive impact of lives daily.

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