Engrave your Appreciation this Memorial Day 2017

engravings for memorial day 2017

May is a busy month and as the temperature continues to warm and it comes to an end, we finish it out nicely with a cherished American holiday: Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a holiday to reflect upon all the many persons who have selflessly given their lives in order to add to our own. For those who have served time in a war, but were lucky enough to make it home safely, it’s a time to show our appreciation to them.  If you know a veteran or anyone who has participated with our military, it’s valuable to take the time to say thank you to them.  To let them know that you do appreciate their service in providing safety to you plus your loved ones by way of their military fulfillment.

Memorial Day is generally celebrated by a gathering of close friends and family around food and games and is usually spent outdoors enjoying the warm temperatures brought in by the almost summer season.   Bar-b-ques are popular amongst many and hot dogs, hamburgers, corn and popsicles are a favorite way to bring in the holiday cheer.

At Thoughtful Impressions, we like to show that we care and support this holiday and all of the meaning behind it.  Because of this, we’ve put together a special sale to help you to purchase something special to give to your fellow military personnel.  The sale provides a discount to take an extra 20% off everything in our shop including our already severely clearanced items.  The coupon code to use is MWS75F and its good for this entire Memorial Day weekend.

custom dog tag for men

Popular Memorial Day gifts items typically include custom engraved dog tags that are inscribed with meaning sayings which carry unique sentimental value between the gifter and receiver.  Another great gift choice is a handwritten picture frame.  Take a beautiful hand-written message which means the world to you and send it to us to be converted for a lasting engraving onto a lovely picture frame which you can fill with images of your veteran and you.

custom engraved handwritten gift

From all of us at Thoughtful Impressions, we wish everyone a safe and meaningful Memorial Day!.

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