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Thoughtful Impressions has now been carrying an engravable key chain style carabiner for a few years. This product is wonderful because it can be personalized in many ways.  Add text, custom symbols, corporate logos, handwritten signatures and more!

These new custom key chains are made of aluminum, which is durable yet extremely lightweight. They don’t tarnish or react to water and are typically considered hypoallergenic. These personalized carabiners are perfect as gifts for everyone, not just men! They’re versatile, so they can be used in lots of ways including hooking a purse to a stroller handle, I even use mine to hold hair ties in the bathroom! There are endless possibilities with these things. Visit our engraved jewelry and customized gift site Thoughtful Impressions to find and purchase your very own today.

aluminum personalized luggage tag

In honor of this awesome engravable key chain item of ours, we decided to create a list of great uses for carabiners:

Clip inside your car to hold sunglasses

Hang keys from a belt loop

Clip buckets to a line as a cute DIY tool holder

Removable clothesline – clip it up when needed and remove when done!

Secure a dog leash to anything secured in the ground

Connect and carry grocery bags

Clip to camera or cell phone cord and keep attached to bag or keys

Hold electrical cords together

Clip water bottle to back pack

Keep your hair ties in place

If a strap on a bag gets broken, use a personalized key chain style carabiner in its place

My personal fav: clip keys to a purse handle so you never have to go digging!

Use your engraved key chain carabiner as a way to hang your personalized necklaces

They’re great in a pinch while camping to hold open the tent door and to keep it tied down

custom key chain style carabiner

Once you have used a carabiner a few times, you will wonder how you ever lived without one!!!

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