Custom Engraved Lockets


personalized silver and gold locketsLockets are a beautiful way to capture and cherish memories. They’ve served multiple purposes since their inception and are still popular jewelry choices today amongst a variety of demographics. Sure, women seem to wear them most often, but there’s a growing percentage of men that like to complete their ensemble with them as well. Here are some of the top reasons we at Thoughtful Impressions love lockets!

engraved silver locket for wedding

  1.  They’re versatile – Lockets are incredibly versatile because, in addition to wearing them to look good, you can also store all kinds of varying items inside of them! Typically most people will place tiny cutout photographs in them. However, I’ve now begun to see people place small dried flowers or crystal gemstones inside as well.  I like to drop fragrant essential oils onto small pieces of fabric and place that inside as aromatherapy to ease my mood or simply because they smell good.
  2. They’re pretty! Lockets come in all different shapes and sizes, materials and colors making them very pleasing to the eyes. Many are designed with intricate patterns which have beautiful stones adorning them as well.  Precious metals such as gold and sterling silver are popular choices and many lockets come in a heart shape. Since we’re an engraving company, we can inscribe lockets in lots of ways.  We can etch or laser engrave them to provide different looks and finishes.  For our precious gold and silver lockets, we always use our colorless etching method as it provides a demure and elegant aesthetic.
  3. They’re heirlooms. My favorite aspect relative to lockets is that they’re heirloom gifts.  They can be passed down from generation to generation which is all the more reason to have them custom engraved with a sentimental message with unique significance to your family. Grandmothers will often pass them down to their granddaughters and place meaningful pictures on the inside to create a beautiful lasting gift that is unparalleled by others.

engraved diamond locket

Visit our lockets page today and find a meaningful locket which can be treasured for years to come.

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