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Awesome Easter Gifts Not Chocolate!

Awesome Easter Gifts Not Chocolate!

Feb 18th 2022

by Lori Torman

spring easter gifts cute bunny costume

Awesome Easter Gifts Not Chocolate for the win!

Below, you’ll find a list of Seven amazing Easter gifts, not chocolate that are meaningful and will make an impression for this year’s favorite Spring holiday.

If you’re in a new relationship or if you’re looking for a way to stand out to someone you like, then getting a unique Easter gift may be just the ticket you’re needing to get that leg up!

To begin, it’s important to think about what Easter means to you and what it means to the person(s) you’re getting an Easter gift for. Chocolate is the most popular gift to give for Easter, but it’s overdone. Sure, chocolate is a fan favorite due to its delicious taste and its easy ability to momentarily enhance your mood and fill you with a sensation of pure bliss, but how about shaking things up a bit this year?

  1. Personalized Lockets – Personalized lockets are the perfect non-chocolate Easter gifts because they’re fashionably attractive and they’re meaningful. They’re versatile because they can hold pictures and they can be inscribed with special text and symbols which makes them the perfect stylish accessory and keepsake.

key pendant engraved lockets

2. Dresses – A dress is a special gift for Easter, especially if you plan on going to Easter Sunday service. If your family likes to get together for the holiday, you’ll likely want some memorable pictures, so you’ll want to make sure you look your best in a pretty new dress! Floral pattern dresses can be found for under $20 at trendy stores like H&M and if packaged just right, they can fit into a chic Easter basket.

easter gifts floral spring dress

3. Spring Garden Tools – What’s Easter without a little time spent in the garden? Maybe you keep hearing your friend mention how he or she wants to take up gardening or how they’ve let their plants die and desperately need to show their plant carcasses some much-needed attention. Garden tools might just be the small bit of motivation they need to get back in the soil. This time of year, you can go to most department stores and even dollar savings stores and find colorful spades, gardening gloves, spray bottles, water pitchers and more to help put together a lush green garden space.

spring garden tools succulents

4. Books – You can never go wrong with giving a book as a gift because there are so many types of books available. If your gift recipient likes art – a coloring or education sketchbook could be the perfect gift choice for them. If they’re newly into spirituality – then maybe a book about gemstones and chakras could be a book they’ll be excited to read. From facts to fiction, book choices are unlimited and most books fit well in an Easter basket.

coffee cup books home

5. Custom Picture Frames – Picture frames are always a welcomed gift. Easter is an opportunity to shoot meaningful pictures that’ll need to eventually be accompanied by a frame. Custom picture frames take picture framing to the next level with personalized engraving. You can add inspirational quotes, special phrases, inside jokes and more to an attractive frame that fits your gift recipients personality and decor tastes. And, they’re affordable too– personalization companies such as Thoughtful Impressions sell engravable picture frames for under $50!

custom engraved picture frames

6. Gift Cards for Spas – Gifts don’t always have to be tangible pieces you can carry, but rather some of the best gifts are those which provide experiences. A gift to a spa is always appreciated. The majority of adults spend most of their time working and rushing around and often don’t take the time to just relax. A gift card to a spa is a way to force your gift receiver to “take a chill pill”. Spa packages can be purchased for as low as $50 in some cases and it’s often not a far drive to find a spa location that’s clean and comfortable.

spa gift package relaxation

7. Smart Technology – Last, but in this day and age – certainly not least – smart technology! We’re talking about smart lights, smart assistants, smartwatches, smartphones and more. You can find a smart light for as low as $30 at online retailers and local department stores. The great thing about smart lights is they can be changed to fit the season. For Easter, a smart light can be set to pastel purples, greens, pinks, and blues. They’re a fun gift that adds a little something special to your days.

new smart technology smart phone

Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration and you find the perfect gifts to share and enjoy a wonderful Easter holiday!