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9 Signs A Guy Likes You More than a Friend!

9 Signs A Guy Likes You More than a Friend!

Mar 2nd 2022

by Lori Torman

nine signs a guy likes you

Do you feel like you’re getting mixed signals or do you think perhaps you’re doing what you always do and are over-analyzing a situation too much and need to just relax about it? If a guy likes you, you should be able to tell without wonder, right? Well, not always. Sometimes guys can play a bit hard to get too, but those are typically rare situations. If a guy likes you, they usually make it known. Below are 5 signs a guy likes you and what to look for!

1. He reaches out – He talks to you in whatever way he can. If he reaches out to you on messenger or sends you texts all day long, you can bet that he’s into you.

2. He compliments you – When guys like women, they make a point of complimenting them. It’s their way of saying, hey I think you’re awesome and I like you.

3. He offers to pay your tab or drink when you’re out together – Yes, of course, some guys just have good manners, but if he’s always offering to pay, then chances are you’ve got a man on your hands that’s interested in taking care of you, because he genuinely likes you.

coffee date

4. He spends time with you – Most men don’t spend a lot of time with women they’re not interested in dating. Sure they’ll hang out here and there, but if it’s all the time, that’s a sign that he’s super into you.

5. He’s not talking to other women and has made that clear to you – If he’s not talking to other women, he’s into you. Ask him more about why he’s not dating, he may end up confessing his feelings to you.

6. He offers to help you with anything you need – Guys like fixing things for the women they want to keep around. If he’s offering to help you fix any problems you’re running across, that means he’s staking an investment in you.

7. He listens – Men who listen are usually men who care and if given the opportunity they’ll want to listen to you all the time and more than just on a friendly level. It’s their way of showing that you’re important to them. If not, they’ll get bored or agitated listening to you early on.

8. When you’re together, his eyes are on you the whole time – Any guy that’s interested in more than friendship is going to be keeping his eyes on you and you alone.

9. He buys you gifts – Especially if those gifts are personalized – custom bracelets, personalized picture frames with a picture of the two of you and handwriting wallet cards are popular engraved gifts that guys often get for the apple of their eye. Some guys express their feelings with words, but more guys show their feelings with actions like gift-giving and helping you when you’re in need.

leather engraved couples’ bracelets

These are all signs a guy likes you and by applying them to your relationship, whatever the current status may be, you’ll be able to tell if he’s into you or not. If he’s not showing any of these signs, then just enjoy the friendship and keep your options open for the love of your life to walk through your door.