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50 Unique & Romantic Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas!

50 Unique & Romantic Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas!

Feb 18th 2022

by Lori Torman

50 wedding ring engraving ideas

To Celebrate your Forever Love, you’ll want your wedding rings to be engraved to express how much your love means to one another – now and forever! Read below for 50 meaningful, unique and funny wedding ring engraving ideas! And remember, you can order your custom engraved wedding rings with Thoughtful Impressions.

1. Forever Yours

2. I love thee with all my heart – xoxo

3. You’re the peanut butter to my jelly – Love, …your name.

4. Jam to My Doughnut – I’ll always love you

5. Our Love is Like Water – Necessary to Survive!

6. Custom coordinate engraving from the location where you shared your first kiss, or where you first met.

7. I Love You More than Pizza

8. His Wife- Her Husband

9. Together forever – to infinity and beyond

10. Our Love is Larger than the Cosmos

11. Princess Leia to your Han Solo

12. You’re the Wifi to my internet

love you custom rings

13. I love you Babe

14. You’re the sweet butter to my warm biscuit

15. I Will Always Love You

16. I Never Knew Love Till You

17. Till Death Do Us Part

18. Wicked. Beautiful. Lovers.

19. Light of My Life

20. Always, xoxo

21. I Love You More than a Fat Kid Loves Cake

22. I’ll Be By Your Side Forever

23. Our Love is The Most Precious Gift

24. My Love

25. Love You to the Moon and Back

26. We Belong Together

27. Add each of your Initials, with a heart in between and your wedding date beside them

28. My Precious

29. Till We’re Old and Gray

30. Her Warrior, His Princess

31. Our Love Was Written in the Stars

32. God Bless Our Love

33. Love, Honor, Cherish

34. But First,… kisses!

35. May the Force be with Us! may the force be with us

36. Our Hands – Forever Intertwined

37. Bonded By Love

38. Our Circle is Complete

39. How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You!

40. I’ll Never Let Go

41. Te Amo

42. J’adore

43. Lover Mine

44. Mr. Big to your Carrie

45. All Consuming Love

46. You’ve Had My Heart Since We Began

47. Sparkly Vampire to My Awkward Bella

48. Your Beloved Muggle

49. From this day forward…

50. I Love You – Ya Better!

Share this bountiful list of wedding ring engraving ideas with your friends, family and your soon to be forever partner!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding; we wish you a marriage full of love, understanding, and happiness.