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5 People who would love a personalized picture frame

5 People who would love a personalized picture frame

Feb 28th 2022

by ThoughtfulImpressions


A picture frame may not be the initial gift that comes to mind when you’re thinking of what to get some of the individuals mentioned below, But, with all of the ways you can personalize our picture frames, you’ll understand why they make some of the best gifts. You can do handwriting, coordinates, symbols, emojis or keep it classic with a quote. However you choose to personalize your frame, it’s sure to become a staple in the home of the person receiving it!

1.Your Significant other

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to show your loved one how much they mean to you. Consider giving them one of our personalized picture frames, engrave it with a special message, coordinates to the place you got married or your dream vacation spot. Put a picture of both of you in the frame and display it somewhere in the house where they can’t miss it. Then, watch their reaction when they finally notice it there!

2.Your best friend

What do you get someone who understands you better than even your parents do sometimes? You get them a gift that says, “You’re the family I chose.” Trust me when I tell you, the tears will flow, good tears though!

3.Your mom/grandma

Our elders love pictures. Not so much digital photos on “Facebook” but the good old fashion printed pictures. Surprise them with a one of a kind picture frame that reminds them just how grateful you are to have them in your life.

4.Your Boss

Bosses like boyfriends/girlfriends are notoriously hard to shop for. Get the entire office to go in on a personalized picture frame for the boss. Engrave the frame with something he/she says to everyone all the time or a motivational quote that inspires them. Put a picture of the office staff inside and he/she will display it proudly!

5.Your children

They may not appreciate it right now, but when they get older they’ll be glad you gave them this one of a kind, timeless heirloom. Put a picture of both of you inside the frame and have your hand writing engraved on the frame with a special message to them. Years down the line, this will be the favorite gift they’ve ever received!

Hopefully this list gave you some inspiration and ideas of who to get a personalized picture frame for. If you’re ready to blow them away, click here to check out our selection of personalized picture frames!