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21 Romantic Ideas for Him!

21 Romantic Ideas for Him!

Feb 18th 2022

by Lori Torman

Romantic Ideas for Him

couples feet in the sand

Think romance is dead? Think again! Romance is BACK!

Romance doesn’t always need to be what a man can do for a woman. Women can be romantic too. If you’re a woman with an amazing man in your life, here are 21 romantic ideas for him that he’s sure to love!

  1. Watch One of His Favorite Shows or Movies – If you simply cannot stand some of this favorite shows, try to find one that you can tolerate and ask him to watch it. Gather some delicious snacks and cozy up on the sofa with him.

2. Learn about Something that Interests Him – Maybe your man is super into cars or tech, or loves to fish – show him you care by learning about his interest so you can talk with him, share with him and do activities involving his favorite interests.

3. Frame a Picture for Him – Find some of his favorite pictures of you and him and have one matted and framed for him to keep on his bedside table or his desk at work.

4. Buy him tickets to a concert of his favorite band/musician – Even if you can’t go with him to the concert, get him the tickets. Concerts are often times a once in a lifetime experience that he won’t want to miss.

5. Bring him breakfast in bed – This is a classic romantic gift that everyone appreciates. Wake him up with the aroma of delicious bacon or freshly baked bread. This will put him in a great mood to start off his day.

6. Cook Him Dinner – Even if you’re just putting a frozen pizza in the oven, it truly is the thought that counts and what man doesn’t love pizza?! Pizza is the pinnacle of romance.

7. Go Camping – Even if you’re a girly girl who hates bugs and carries hand sanitizer everywhere; if your man is the outdoors type, he’ll be thrilled if you say yes to going on just one short camping adventure with him. You can get through it. Just focus on the beauty of nature and enjoy the smile you’ll inevitably see on your man’s face.

8. Plan a Trip to One of his Favorite Outdoor Spots – Suggest tagging along with him the next time he plans to visit one of his favorite outdoor spaces. He’ll love the chance to show you why he finds it to be so special.

9. Make him lunch and slip in a love note – Put together his favorite lunch foods and slip a sweet little note inside to tell him how much you love him and be sure to compliment one of his best features like his smile or hair – men love being told what you love about them.

10. If you have a pleasant singing voice – sing him a song

11. Take a cooking class together – Check your local listings to find a cooking workshop for you to attend together. Try to find one that features one of his favorite cooking styles such as Asian or Mexican cuisine.

12. Get a Hammock, take it out… – If you live near a park or the beach, then a hammock should be a portable item you keep in your car at all times. Snuggle time in a hammock is something you both will love.

13. Play a video game with him – If the new age first-person shooter games he’s addicted to are simply too hard for you, ask him if he wants to play some old school games like Mario Bros so you can keep up and both of you can enjoy playing.

14. Make him a tee shirt with one of his favorite sayings – If your man has a special coined catch-phrase he loves to use around you or with his friends/family; get that phrase printed onto a teeshirt for him.

15. Order him something personalized – Online personalization shops like Thoughtful Impressions carry engravable picture frames, couples bracelets, personalized wallets, pocket knives and more that you can order engraved to say something your man will love.

16. Write him a love poem – If you need help, visit this love quotes page for suggestions.

17. Plan a Simple Date Night – By simple, we mean, decide ahead of time where you want to eat, find a place that isn’t challenging to park at and your man doesn’t have to get dressed up for. A casual date night to a place where you can both interact comfortably and enjoy food choices you both love is ideal for many men.

18. Watch a meteor shower together – This is one you’ll need to plan well in advance. You can follow science publications on Facebook, Google + and more to stay informed and learn when the next shower will be viewable from your location.

19. Spend quality time under the moonlight at the beach – Plan a night at the beach. Bring a blanket or chairs, your favorite snacks, maybe even a sub sandwich to share plus your favorite relaxing drinks. Get to the beach in time to catch the sunset, then stay for an hour or so longer to enjoy the sound of the water hitting the shoreline. You’re both sure to love the peace and quiet and the snuggles.

20. Visit a planetarium together – This is a fun idea that is gaining in popularity. Science centers at schools often times offer free showings at their planetariums for locals.

21. Send him memes – Most men appreciate a hilarious meme. Find memes online and save them to a meme folder and randomly send them to him throughout the day. He’s sure to enjoy a chuckle and will appreciate that his special girl has such a great sense of humor.

There you have it, ladies, if you can accomplish just a few of the 21 items on this list, you’re sure to make your mans day! And, this is just the tip of the iceberg, chances are, as you’re putting together your romantic ideas for him, your passions and creativity will kick in and you’ll come up with even more ways to keep the romance alive for years to come.