Personalized Custom Dog Tags

Custom dog tags for men, women and kids are the perfect way to showcase your individual style in a fashionable accessory that will stand the test of time! You can personalize your custom dog tags with your own message, logo or symbol you can also choose between 2 different types of engraving to further personalize your dog tag.

Custom Dog Tags have the universal appeal that spans gender, age, and culture. At Sticky Jewelry it’s our job to know what’s popular and trendy; use a custom dog tag to add style to a favorite pair of jeans and T-shirt! Throughout the History of dog tags, personalized dog tags have been a time-honored American tradition memorializing the service of our men and women in the military. For many wearers, the inscription of dog tags with a loved one’s name is a way to bear witness or show remembrance. Display everything from your name or monogram to vital emergency information by engraving your personalized dog tag for the perfect piece of personalized jewelry.

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