About Us


Thoughtful Impressions specializes in personalized jewelry and gifts for special occasions.

Stylish engraved jewelry for every day wears & for the simple moments you want to make memorable.


Thoughtful Impressions is family owned and operated and has been since its inception. It's led by its talented and kind-hearted CEO who's got an eye for great quality and classic styles; Lori Torman.  Alongside Lori, her husband Barry Torman and son in law Chris Morgan help to take care of sales, I.T. and management to name just a few of the important roles they play.

Our Thoughtful Impressions site is just a few years old, but we've been providing outstanding engraved gifts and personalized jewelry since 2000 at our original site Sticky Jewelry which is now a provider of  Medical Alert Jewelry; the likes of which can easily be found by searching on Google for the name StickyJ Medical ID.

We believe in the power of creativity and enjoy being able to make something unique out of something simple by adding our special touch with engraving.

Location: Our facility is located in Seminole, Florida and that's where the majority of the action happens.  Our warehouse, customer service, engraving, marketing, and shipping department all work together under the same roof making up a  staff of 20.

Engraving Tools: Our passion and commitment to providing excellent customer service and high-quality, uniquely engraved gifts to our customers will always be our driving factor. Using our modern and efficient engraving techniques which include the utilization of 3 Tykma lasers, a Co2 laser, multiple signature engraving machines, and hand stamping tools, our engraving options are vast and they give the flexibility in personalization we find many our customers to be looking for.

Products: We carry one of the largest collections of personalized jewelry and gifts available online. Choose from engraved necklaces for men and women, engravable bracelets, wedding gifts, and lockets to name a few. What makes Thoughtful Impressions truly great is our ability to be flexible and to help our customers to bring their own unique creations to life. If you have an idea that you'd like to see about getting engraved, contact us by phone, email or chat and we'll be happy to discuss your engraving idea with you.

To gain a closer look at the quality of our products and engraving, visit our Gallery Page.


Added Perks of Working with us:  Thoughtful Impressions takes it's business seriously, but our work environment is relaxed.  Our employees appreciate a flexible work schedule which often times helps to accommodate family and school schedules.  Additionally, everyone has the option to dress casually.  Shorts, flip-flops, tank tops, jeans 5 days a week and one day each Christmas season we have pajama dress up day for some extra added fun!


We're a unique company with a great team!  Please reach out to us with any questions about our products, engraving, shipping options and more and we'll be happy to help.