Personalized Engraved Lockets: History, Love, and Quality

History of Lockets and the Heart

Originally a gift only for wealth and nobility, Lockets were given as condolences to those who had lost a loved one in the Victorian Era. After centuries, people realized the beauty and versatility of an engraved locket.

Unlike lockets of the Victorian Era which were only engraved with artful designs, our modern day lockets can be personalized as well with the recipient’s name or initials, and often a personal message is engraved on the back. Lockets have been made out of every known metal, and come in every shape and size imaginable. Most lockets today are made of sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, and 18k yellow gold, and it’s common also to see lockets that are gold filled.  Gold filled lockets are priced similar to sterling silver lockets, but must, by law, have one layer of at least 10K gold that makes up at least 5% of the total weight of the locket.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Thoughtful Impressions is the quality of the items we sell.  This is especially evident in our engraved lockets collection.  Often, lockets are given as a gift that’s meant to be passed down from generation to generation.  This is why durability is so important!



In life, sometimes you get what you pay for; and even though our lockets range in price from less than $40 to several hundred dollars, we guarantee the best quality in each one of them. To illustrate the differences between our lockets and our competitors’ lockets, we’ve taken a photo of one of our lockets lying next to a locket purchased from another store…







The first thing to notice is the careless way in which the locket on the left is assembled.  The metal has been smashed together and bent up in order to hold it in place, and there are scratches, dents, and other imperfections all over the locket.  And finally, there is no frame lining the inside with which to hold a photo in place.  Thus, a photo must be glued to the metal in order to keep it in place.

The second thing I’d like to point out in this post is the quality of the metal.  Sticky Jewelry has locket styles available in 14k gold, white gold, and sterling silver, as well as base metals plated with gold or silver.  However, even our most affordable lockets made from base metals (as pictured in the photo above) are durable, high quality metal alloys that are very beautiful and more resistant to denting than a typical locket.  You can even see a difference in the color of the gold plating on the chains pictured above.

The most popular locket throughout the centuries has taken shape to be the heart shaped locket, in Rome. It represents someone else’s heart resting on yours. Lockets were also thought to hold a woman’s feelings for the one whose photo was encased within.

We know you will fall in love with each of our beautiful lockets, and find one that you feel is worthy of putting your feelings into.

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