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At Thoughtful Impressions, personalization is our specialty! With a staff of highly trained engravers and top of the line equipment, Thoughtful Impressions consistently provides beautifully engraved products of great quality to customers around the world.

Here’s how the personalization process at Thoughtful Impressions works

Finding Your Perfect Items

Thoughtful Impressions has over 1000 engravable products listed throughout its collections.  Our main pages are for bracelets, necklaces, gifts, and accessories.  On each page, you can drill down using the sort filter to more easily find the material and style of product you’re looking for.  We carry items for men, women, and children of all ages.

What to Engrave?

If you need help coming up with the engraving for your piece, we can help you with that.  Visit our engraving ideas or love quotes pages to see some of our popular engraving suggestions.  If it’s a romantic gift, be yourself and speak from the heart.  If it’s a promotional item for a work event, you may want to research the business and find a fitting saying to match their company motto.

Traditional & Laser Engraving Methods

Traditional engraving with Signature engraving machines calls for the inscription to be etched into metal using a diamond-tipped stylus. The finished look is very elegant, and it’s an excellent choice for sterling silver, gold, and stainless steel products.

mami gold custom engraved necklace for her

Traditional Engraving

Laser engraving with the use of our highly-rated Tykma lasers creates a solid black inscription on stainless steel pieces and a silverish to white finish on our black plated products. We find that the black laser inscription stands out more than the traditional engraving, making it a great choice for bold statement pieces. Laser engraving is not available for precious metals such as sterling silver and gold at this time. We use a CO2 laser to engrave all of our wood, glass and plastic goods.

rose gold engraved bar necklace for her

Laser Engraving

Next, here’s how the pricing for engraving is set up –

Single Side Text Engraving Pricing

Our price for single side text engraving is $7.95.

In addition to text, we also offer a large collection of symbols to be engraved with or without text.

linked hearts engraving symbol

Hand-Drawn Linked Hearts Symbol

Symbols are individually priced, but the majority are priced at 8.95.  You’ll find the cost of all symbols listed next to the symbol in the personalization section of each product if that product allows for symbol engraving. (Some products don’t have enough space for symbols and text and so they offer just text engraving).

In addition to standard symbols, you may also select to have a custom symbol/logo engraved. The initial setup cost for a custom logo is $39. Repeat engraving of a custom logo costs just $8.95.

Monogram Engraving

Same as with text, our single side monogram engraving price is $7.95. We offer our great variety of personalized monograms which include Circle, Roman, Single initials, and Interlocking monograms. However, if you have your own custom monogram design you wish to submit, please email it to our graphics department at for approval and we can likely engrave it as such.

custom engraving interlocking monogram preview

Interlocking Monogram Preview

**Initials are engraved in the order you specify.**

Unless you request otherwise, the monogram is sized to fit properly in the center of your product. We recommend engraving monograms and single initials on minimalist jewelry due to the smaller sizes of the products and limited engraving space.  

Premium Fonts

We offer several premium fonts as you’ll see in our font selection drop-down menu and you’ll notice there are different font types available for laser and traditional engraving.

The price is listed in accordance with each font. Some of the premium fonts we offer are Hebrew, Greek and Roman Filled. For any questions relative to font selection, please feel free to contact our customer service department. If you do not see the font listed that you require for your engraving, please contact our customer service department and we will determine if it is possible to use that font or perhaps one that looks similar.

Orientation & Adding your personalization on our site

Front / Back / Inside / Outside

Due to the range of products we offer, the engraving spaces will range from front to back to inside to outside and sometimes even top and bottom. Each product description is a helpful aid in understanding how your engraving will appear in the available spaces. Be sure to read that section for your item when placing your order to ensure it is engraved exactly as you wish.

If you have any orientation questions, please contact us before or after you place your order for us to make a suggestion or adjustment.  It’s no problem for customer service to adjust your order after it’s been placed so long as it’s done soon after you place the order.

Portrait and Landscape orientation options are available for most items; please be sure to carefully select your preference for either style.

Special Instructions

We provide an open text box in the personalization section which we’ve labeled the special instructions text box for each product. This way if you need to put in a special request – for example – for there to be additional space between text and graphics, this is where you’ll want to place that unique instruction.

Previewing Your Engraving

The preview window option is enlarged for readability – it is NOT the actual size that will be engraved. We’ve included this feature on our site to provide a visual aid to what the font and placement of text will look like. When previewing monograms, be sure to enter all three letters in uppercase.

Our engravers are artists who take pride in every item they personalize. For each product, they carefully review it before, during and after it is engraved to ensure the utmost in quality and aesthetic. If they think that the product will look better engraved with perhaps a different font, size or orientation, then they’ll place your order on hold so they can suggest that to you before proceeding with your engraving.

We recognize that oftentimes the jewelry we are engraving is to commemorate special occasions like your wedding day or the birth of a child and because of this, we want to ensure that your engraving is exactly what you’re expecting. For unique personalization choices, check out our custom handwriting jewelrycoordinates jewelry and baby feet jewelry selections.

Final QC & Shipping

Once your product has been engraved, it will be brought over to our quality check and shipping department for a final inspection to ensure the product quality and to double check that the engraver didn’t miss any part of the engraving instructions.  From there, your order will be polished, tissue wrapped and placed into a gift box of your choosing and placed into it’s shipping envelope or box to go out in that day’s shipping pick-up.

When your order has shipped, our system will email you with your shipment tracking number so you may see where your order is in shipping transit.

For any further questions about our personalization process, please contact us.  Visit our contact us page to find the best method of contact for you.

Thanks for shopping Thoughtful Impressions!