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You’ve found the perfect locket... but how do you get that teeny tiny picture in there?

Do you happen to be carrying teeny tiny versions of the picture you want to use? I didn’t think so.

Engraved Locket

Getting down to size: How to shrink your locket picture

Using programs like ‘Corel’ or ‘Photoshop’ make this a simple process. For those of us that don’t have those programs, using a simple Windows Paint program can get the job done.

As I’m a daddy’s girl, I used a picture of my dad and I to put in my locket! Follow along with these easy steps.

Windows Paint

Step 1

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Step 1 Paint


Open the image you’d like to use in the paint app. Select ‘File’, then ‘Paste From’, then select your picture.

Step 2

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Step 2 Paint


Now to find the dimensions of the picture you chose. Click “File” then “Properties”; on the image properties box, change the units from pixels to inches. Write down the image width and height then close the box.

Step 3

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Step 3 Paint


Now for the hard math part. To reduce the original photo (“have” photo) to the locket photo size (“need” photo) we need to shrink by a percentage.

i.e. if your “need” photo size is 1″ and your “have” photo is 6″, you divide the “need” by the “have” (1/6 = 0.17). Therefore, just reduce the “have” picture by 17%.

If you’re like me, and awful at math, you can do a few trial and error prints. To save ink, select the “draft” option for printing!

Step 4

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Step 4 Paint


Select “File” and hover over “Print” till the side bar pops up. Find and click the “Page Setup” option from the side bar.

Step 5

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Step 5 Paint


Enter the percentage you calculated (or guessed) into the ‘adjust to’ box under scaling and hit print! The picture to the top left of the box will give you a rough idea of what the scaled percentage will look like.

Microsoft Word

Step 1

Resizing Engraved Locket Step 1 Word

Open a blank Work document, and before inserting your image, we need to adjust the settings. In order to keep the resolution quality, we need to keep Word from auto compressing. Select File then Options.

Step 2

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Step 2 Word

On the left side of the pop up window, click the Advanced tab, then scroll till you find the Image Size and Quality section. Find and check the box next to the ‘Do Not Compress Images in File’ box then OK.

For every new document, you will have to repeat this.

Step 3

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Step 3 Word

Insert your personalized locket picture by selecting the Insert tab, then click the Picture icon. Find your image and double click or press Ok.

Step 4

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Step 4 Word

Right click on the picture and go to Size and Position to bring up a new pop up window.

Step 5

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Step 5 Word

Change the Absolute height and width to the size of the locket and print!

Voila! Teeny Tiny Picture for your new Personalized Locket!

Resizing Engraved Locket Photo Result

I used regular paper for this demo; photo paper will give an even better result!

Getting the picture in the locket

The best way to cut out your properly sized picture is to create an easy template!

Leave the locket closed and trace around the outside on a piece of paper. Cut out the shape from the paper and draw the shape on the locket photo.

If you use an Xacto / utility knife, cut on a protected hard surface. Slow, steady, and safe will keep you from losing control of the knife. Here’s a video on best ways to use a craft knife!

Cut the your picture CAREFULLY along the traced shape and see if it will fit in the locket. If you need to trim the photo start small and trim only millimeters at a time.

Some people suggest placing a dab of super glue on the back of the picture to secure it to the locket. This is an easy way to ensure the photo sticks, the problem with doing this is potential harm to the precious metal of the locket and altering the lockets’ heirloom aspect. If there’s a picture permanently in the personalized locket, you can’t easily pass the necklace down through generations.

Once the picture is the perfect size, insert the top left corner into the locket and gently flex at the center to ease the rest of the edges into the frame. If the locket has a protective plastic insert, do the picture and plastic insert separately. Just be careful not to unseat the picture when inserting the plastic.

No matter what type of personalized locket you’ve fallen in love with, we can help you get the picture in! Still looking for the perfect locket? Thoughtful Impressions has heart shaped lockets, 14K Gold, White Gold Lockets, Religious themed, even Mother- Daughter Lockets; anything what you want!

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